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What are the navigation methods of sweeping robots? Which navigation is more advanced and intelligent?

Publish Time: 2023-05-12

Random navigation: During the work process, the robot sweeping randomly moves until the entire area is cleared. This type of navigation is suitable for smaller spaces, but cleaning is less efficient.

Planning navigation: The sweeping robot determines the sweeping path through the built-in map planning before work, and then cleans according to the pre-planned path. This type of navigation is suitable for larger spaces and can improve cleaning efficiency.

Visual navigation: The sweeping robot recognizes the environment through visual sensors such as cameras for positioning and path planning. This navigation method requires high computing power and complex algorithm support, which can achieve more intelligent and accurate cleaning than planned navigation.

Hybrid navigation: The sweeping robot adopts a combination of multiple navigation methods to flexibly switch navigation modes according to different scenarios to achieve the best cleaning effect.


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