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Features of square magnets

Publish Time: 2023-06-16
Regular shape: Square magnets are rectangular or square in shape, with clear boundaries and corners, easy to identify and use.

Strong magnetic properties: square magnets are usually made of strong magnetic materials, such as permanent magnet materials (such as NdFeB, cobalt iron, iron boron, etc.), so they have strong magnetic force. They are able to attract and fix objects that attract them.

Orientability: Since square magnets have well-defined boundaries and corners, their magnetic field distribution is relatively concentrated and orientable. This gives square magnets advantages in specific applications, such as sensors, electromagnetic devices and motors.

Multiple size options: Square magnets are available in a variety of sizes and can be selected according to specific needs and application requirements.

Flat mounting: Since square magnets have straight edges, they can be conveniently fixed on flat surfaces. This makes square magnets easier to install and secure during manufacturing and assembly.

Multiple uses: Square magnets are widely used in various fields, including electronic equipment, motors, sensors, medical equipment, acoustic equipment, door and window closure devices, etc. They play an important role in adsorption, fixation, sensing and manipulation.

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