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Service Strategy
1. Customer service consultation: Send drawings or samples to customer service
2. Customer service quote and confirm the price with the customer
3. The factory arranges proofing
4. Customer confirmation sample
5. The customer places an order to sign a contract and pays a deposit
6. Factory production
7. Customer payment balance
8. Factory shipment
9. The customer receives the goods and completes the transaction
I.Conventional magnets are sampled based on the magnet size, electroplating requirements, and salt spray requirements proposed by the customer. The customer needs to provide drawings for special-shaped magnets Some products require mold opening, and the cost of mold opening needs to be borne by the customer. Confirm packaging requirements.
II.After determining the drawings, both parties shall sign a contract and pay a deposit. The production time is calculated from the completion of the customized mold.
III. Product Delivery Date: Conventional magnets generally take 7-10 working days Heterotypic magnets typically work around 14 days The delivery date will be adjusted according to the size, quantity, and difficulty of the variant

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