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What are the precautions and safety performance of square magnets?

Publish Time: 2023-06-30
Avoid collision and extrusion: Square magnets usually have a strong magnetic force, so collision and extrusion with other magnetic objects or iron objects should be avoided during use and carrying to prevent damage or accidental injury.

Pay attention to magnetic field interference: The magnetic field of the square magnet can interfere with the surrounding magnetic equipment and electronic equipment, such as magnetizing tapes, destroying magnetic storage media, etc. Therefore, when using square magnets, keep a certain distance from sensitive devices such as magnetic tapes, hard drives, credit cards, computers, etc.

Check the magnetic strength regularly: The magnetic force of square magnets may weaken over time. Check the magnetic strength regularly and replace or maintain it as needed to ensure its proper operation and application results.

Avoid swallowing and inhaling: Square magnets are small items that should be avoided by children and pets from swallowing or inhaling to prevent choking and health risks.

Use protective measures: When handling square magnets, consider wearing gloves and eye protection to prevent accidental damage and magnet sheet peeling.

Separate when storing: When square magnets are not in use, it is recommended to store them in separate containers to prevent mutual adsorption and collision.

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines: Follow the usage guidelines and safety recommendations provided by the manufacturer of the square magnet to understand the restrictions and precautions for specific products.

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