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How much do you know about square magnets?

Publish Time: 2023-08-18
A square magnet is a magnet with a square shape, usually made of NdFeB material, which has high coercive force, high magnetic energy product and a wide range of application fields. Here are some things to know about square magnets:
Shape and size: Square magnets are square in shape, with side lengths usually ranging from a few millimeters to tens of millimeters. Depending on the application needs, different sizes of square magnets are available.
Magnetic poles: The south pole and north pole of a square magnet are located on its surface respectively, which can be judged by the way magnets attract each other.
Grade: Square magnets are usually graded according to their coercive force (unit: Oersted), such as N35, N38, N40, etc. Different grades of magnets have different performance indicators and application ranges.
Magnetization Direction: Square magnets can be magnetized along their length, width or height. The difference in magnetization direction will affect the magnetic performance and application effect of the magnet.
Application fields: Square magnets are widely used in various magnetic field sensors, motors, generators, magnetic chucks, medical equipment and other fields.
Magnetic force calculation: The magnetic force of a square magnet can be calculated by the following formula: F = ∫BiAdl, where F is the force acting on the magnet, B is the magnetic field strength, i is the current, A is the magnetic pole area, and dl is the integral path of the action line.
In short, the square magnet is a high-performance and widely used magnetic material. Square magnets of different sizes, grades and magnetization directions can be selected according to application requirements. When using it, you need to pay attention to issues such as magnetic field interference, heat treatment and safe use.

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